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Ryan Antle

"In June of 2018, our son Ryan had his first seizure. We were late coming home and thought he was asleep in his car seat. Upon arrival at home I noticed his eyes were off to the side and making a rhythmic motion. We called 911 and Ryan was transported by EMS to Children’s Hospital. During the transport Ryan’s seizure stopped on its own. The doctors at the emergency room evaluated Ryan and discharged him later that night and had us follow-up with our pediatrician and neurology. We made our appointments and were explained that some children have one seizure and never have another. Kids are not diagnosed with a seizure disorder unless they have more than one seizure. 6 months went by and Ryan had been seizure free and we thought he would never have another one. Two weeks into December Ryan had 2 seizures within a week of each other. Neurology started a more complex work-up, but had assured us they thought for whatever reason he was “wired wrong” and would most likely outgrow the seizures.

They sent Ryan for an MRI as part of the standard work-up. We received a call from the neurologist the next day letting us know that they had indeed found an abnormal growth in his brain. This news came as much of a surprise and we were devastated not knowing what we were facing. We were referred to neurosurgeon Dr. Jeff Leonard. The mass is benign and can be surgically removed if necessary. The location of the mass is close to his vision center and if he would require surgery the risk would be him losing his eye sight. Ryan's scans remain stable. He was able to come off his seizure medication in August. He enjoys playing hockey, basketball and baseball. We are truly blessed that at this time his prognosis is great and there is a treatment plan.

We see stories of other kids whose conditions are much worse than Ryan’s and we are truly blessed that at this time his prognosis is great and there is a treatment plan. We were honored to share his story and have the opportunity to bring awareness to pediatric brain tumors. This journey has allowed us to meet many great people and to see the high quality of care that Nationwide Children’s Hospital offers."

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